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The Cartoon Forum in Sopot, Poland, was a meeting of animation producers, broadcasters, distributors, creators and more from all over Europe, over 700 participants in all. 66 animation projects were pitched.

One of those was Cosmo.

After a short introduction, I would have to get up in front of a room full of people and show them why I thought Cosmo totally rocks. Actually, that’s not quite true ‘ I didn’t have to get up. But I’ve presented four times already at the Forum and, each time, I sat behind that desk and you know what? It’s restrictive. It turns people into a mumbly head and shoulders. I didn’t spend all that time working up a presentation to become a mumbly head and shoulders. Not this time.

And so I got up…

Almost 30 minutes later, I wrapped it up. I was done.

Wow, that felt quick.

I really want to thank everyone who came up at the end to let me know they enjoyed what they saw of the show, or the presentation itself. With all the work trying to boil down the essence of the show, the second-guessing, the pre-presentation nerves (and, oh, there were nerves!), it meant a huge amount personally to hear those kind words. So thank you, each and every one of you.

But, of course, it was about the show. Now even before the presentation, it was a real kick to see Cosmo get this excellent feature in Kidscreen Magazine (thanks Kidscreen!):

And after the presentation? Well, the reaction to Cosmo was fantastic. There seemed to be a real buzz about the show – the fun, the songs and, of course, the planets too. It all still has to come together so some way to go yet, but the Cartoon Forum turned out to be really great for Cosmo.

And not just for Cosmo.

Monster Animation, Cosmo’s production company, was awarded the Cartoon European Producer of the Year Award. Irish broadcaster RTÉ, with possibly Cosmo’s strongest adult supporter in the form of the wonderful Sheila de Courcy (Commissioning Editor for Young Peoples Programming), picked up the Broadcaster of the Year Award. And on top of all that, I found the end of a packet of fruit Polos at the bottom of my bag.

So a pretty good Cartoon Forum, right?

I must say, even without all that, I love the Cartoon Forum. I always have, since my first Forum in Bayern ten years ago. The Forum has so much going on and yet, with being so well-organised, always feels relaxed. Smooth. So thank you to all the Cartoon people for yet another enjoyable Cartoon Forum! With working on Cosmo, I didn’t get to see many other presentations but there were a few projects that looked great ‘ Boj & Buddies from Pesky Productions, Fungi from StorFisk and, while I missed Zig & Zag (I bailed early, anticipating a post-presentation crash), I reckon it was going to be good! Hope you all get your projects away and I look forward to some new top-quality shows for children hitting television soon.

And Sopot, Poland? What a lovely place. I’ll admit I had never heard of it until the Forum but I could totally go back there for a holiday. Lovely town, beautiful beach and who wouldn’t love the tune belted out by that church at 12 noon?

It was also great to catch up with some cartoon people I rarely see and make some new acquaintances along the way.

All in all, a great Cartoon Forum in a great location.

4 thoughts on “At the CARTOON FORUM

  1. Dean Swanton

    I would have loved to have heard that 30 minute speech!
    I’m sure all this is a formality, everyone knows that show is going to be on tv


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