Oct 12

COSMO in motion!

Fancy seeing what COSMO looks like in motion? What she sounds like? Click play on the video above and enjoy!

If you like it, spread it around! Tell parents, those you know interested in space, astronomy, science or just simply those who love fun children’s television. Maybe even show it to your children and see if they like it. And, as always, feel free to leave a comment below.

Hope you enjoy it!

5 thoughts on “COSMO in motion!

  1. Andy Latham

    Ahh it’s lovely! And Cosmo is possibly the first Irish space traveller? Extremely cute characters and I really love the environments, they’re beautifully designed and make the planets look really interesting. I’m so glad the design and animation retain the feel of Fluffy Gardens, it’s a lovely style you guys have come up with.

    I can’t wait to see more :D

  2. Jay Post author

    Thanks Andy! Yes, I reckon she probably is the first Irish space traveller! Really glad you like the style – I wanted to take what worked with Fluffy Gardens and add a whole new layer of polish and effects. A smoothness and texture that would bring the quality up overall, work with the very different type of characters and yet still end up perfect for preschool. It was a bit of a challenge figuring out how to represent the planets in a way that made them pretty special-looking but also simple enough for a preschooler to process what they’re seeing.

    And yes, I would love children to tell other children cool things about the planets. Or even their parents, to let them know this is an interest that could be nurtured.

  3. tomm

    love it. hope the financing is going well i want to watch this. i bought a boxset of carl sagans cosmos recently and this looks like a lovely preschool version of it:)

  4. Jay Post author

    Thanks Tomm! Really appreciate the comment! I saw Brian Cox talking citing Sagan’s Cosmos as an influence but I’m not sure I’ve seen it so I’ll have to track it down myself.


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