Dec 31

Here’s 2015!

The end of another year. I don’t feel the need to do a full stock take as I found myself forced to evaluate everything a couple of weeks ago when my birthday approached. Overall… it has been a good year. I have worked on some really great things with some really great people, old friends and new. That has probably been my biggest pleasure in 2014.

Having had such a varied year, I think 2014 has left me with two strong thoughts:

1) It’s fantastic, worthwhile and valuable to push in different directions, use your skills in new ways and try whole other things entirely.
2) It’s always good to recognise what you do well and sometimes it’s just fine to do that thing you are really, really great at. Because not everybody is.

As it happens, it’s possible to apply both – familiar skills in new forms.

So what about 2015? Well, there are some exciting things ahead – some you know about, like Millie and Mr Fluff, and others will be revealed during the year. There is also room for some new collaborations and I’m hoping I get to work on some fun new projects that I haven’t even discovered yet (get in touch if you need some preschool awesomeness). A year of plans and possibilities.

So what about you? Have you got the year planned out already or is it an empty page? Will it take you in a new direction? Or solidify what you’re already great at? Or somehow both? Whatever you have planned or not planned, I hope it’s a fantastic year for you! Thanks as always for stopping by my blog. And if you have anything you would like me to cover or any questions on any aspect of making great content for kids, please get in touch.

Happy New Year everyone!

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