May 7

In production

While production of Cosmo steps up a gear this week, I thought I’d show you a production of a whole different kind. Some of you will have seen some of these on my Twitter – Artist Lessons with my girls, Daisy and Alice. Let Daisy and Alice take you through drawing the human form, how to draw beautiful pictures of nature, even how to draw our home planet of Earth. Artists at all levels will pick up handy tips and techniques from this exclusive series of videos.

Feel free to skip down to my favourite – Artist Lesson #6, in which Alice takes you through her unique colour techniques.

Just a fun daddy/daughters activity that we all enjoyed!

One thought on “In production

  1. Andy Latham

    More! More! Both I and my girlfriend loved these. As well as being funny and adorable, they are a great reminder of what’s important in creating things.

    Now where did I put my orange crayons?


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