Feb 28

Introducing Cosmo!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a show for preschool children full of fun, comedy, adventure and songs?

What, there are plenty of those?


Well… what if that show taught children about the Solar System? Real facts about the planets?

Introducing COSMO – new show with plenty of laughs that teaches young children about the Solar System. Eight colourful planets to explore. Each one, in its own way, totally amazing! Even Earth, that little blue planet you call home!

Cosmo lives with her Mum, Dad and little brother, Sol. She is just like any little girl or boy, except for one thing: Cosmo (or Cosmological Explorer Unit to use her full name) is built to withstand any planetary conditions. And, along with her family and a rather unstable computer system called GIL, little Cosmo takes children on an amazing journey through the Solar System!

Cosmo bounces across hot rocks on Mercury! Tries to holiday on Venus! Goes swimming on Earth! Climbs mountains on Mars! Flies among the clouds of Jupiter! Collects ice in Saturn‘s mighty rings! Wraps up warm on Uranus! Even tries ice skating on Neptune!


COSMO covers the eight planets (sorry Pluto!), while also adding an episode each about the Moon and the Sun. The show is story and character-driven with plenty of fun and silliness. So the show can be enjoyed by boys and girls even if they have absolutely no prior interest in planets and space.

But, as children find out more and realise that, actually, what they are learning about the planets is real, we think they’ll want to find out more!


COSMO brings astronomy to children. Creating an interest in planets, our place in the Universe and in science.

Astronomy for children.


Want to know more? Questions? Views? Leave a comment or get in touch via the contact page above!


25 thoughts on “Introducing Cosmo!

  1. Jay Post author

    Hi Andy,
    Thanks for the kind words! I’m so hoping it inspires children and gets them wondering what’s out there. And, with your background, I’ll be hitting you up for info at times!

  2. Jay Post author

    Thanks Erin! I certainly hope it will make it to the US at some point but it could a while. The show is still at the early stages and getting shows on to US television from over here is a really tough job.

    That said, I think the show does what no other show is currently doing in the US – nurturing an interest in space for both boys and girls and (importantly) making clear distinctions on what parts they’re watching are real, which many shows don’t do (no point in learning about space if children file it away along with unicorns and grumpy old trolls!). So I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed and just working to make it the absolute best show I can.

    From there, I hope some US broadcasters might like what they see and recognise the good that could be done with a show like this.

  3. Sandra Morton

    Brilliant concept, Jason. all the very best with it, and will see if i too can learn about space!

  4. Damian Farrell

    I’m lovin’ this – really hope this one gets made. V unique idea and love the design style! Onwards and upwards!

  5. Jay Post author

    Thanks Sandra, I’m sure you’ll learn loads about space. Always pack a space suit, don’t trust the weird computer. That sort of thing.

    Thanks Damian, onwards and upwards indeed! Really appreciate the kind words!

  6. Jay Post author

    Thanks Erin. At a certain point in the development, it just become really apparent that the show needed a female lead.

    I want it to be clear that space and science isn’t just a boy thing. And it’s not. I just find it’s that the interest is nurtured less for girls and they certainly have far fewer role models. By having a female lead and making Mum a top astrogeologist, I’m hoping I’ll have created a couple of good role models as well as a fun show.

    And yet there’s plenty for boys too beyond just rocket ships and planets. Dad, being an adult male, a hotshot pilot and the silly one, really is very male. And yet a very loving father so, for all his silliness, I consider him to be a good role model too. Though you may well find yourself rolling your eyes at his old-fashioned manliness!

    Space and science isn’t just for boys and it isn’t just for girls. It’s for all of us.

  7. Sharon Walsh

    Well done Jay! Cannot wait for this to air. Our 3 will love it, and I’ll love it ‘cos they’ll be learning about the solar system (they already have a latent interest).
    And as somebody else commented, FANTASTIC that Cosmo is a girl! Just adds that extra bit of interest with the non-stereotypical gender roles. I’m sure your gorgeous D give you plenty of inspiration for this one. Hope to meet you soon, love to M and the girls xxx

  8. David Baron

    Jay! I’m glad to see your creating a new show, this one looks awesome too! I’m sure you’ll give it your best as always and I hope it gets the success your shows deserve! Kids will love it!

  9. Jay Post author

    Thanks for the lovely comment, Sharon! You’ve hit the nail on the head in terms of what I think the show offers parents – we want our children to get something positive from TV time.

    Cheers, Aidan. Hope your little lad is still little when the show makes it out and always great to know children are enjoying Fluffy Gardens.

    David, great to hear from you and thanks so much for the positive words. For those browsing the comments, David was an animator on the first series of Fluffy Gardens. An incredible talent and someone who defined some key moments and characteristics in the series. Hope all is going great, David!

  10. Jay Post author

    Hi Robyn,
    I certainly hope so! The series still has quite a way to go and I’ve been through the process enough to know that things move slowly. But my hope is very much that Cosmo will be available from almost anywhere in the world at some point. Of course, if it made it to a US broadcaster, that would be fantastic. But we start small and local and build from there!

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