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Lego know how children see the world

I found these Lego ads while browsing a while back. Not even 100% sure they’re genuine or if they were used but they’re great. Have a look –



Children are remarkable at interpreting symbols. These Lego ads are absolutely spot-on. Children can look at a few blocks and see a dinosaur. And, even if there is nothing really there to make sense of, a child’s mind will try. So in a complex pattern, they could see countless images, each child seeing something different.

A child seems to want to put a form to abstractions.

This is important to bear in mind when creating something for young children. What you consider art could be open to far too much interpretation to a child. Your hair design could have some children seeing snakes. Your background design could have children trying to make sense out of a wood pattern rather than watching the characters.

Thinking in simple symbols is very important.

This is part of why I think Peppa Pig is such a hit. Look at how clear the forms are –

And yet, even here, my daughter once asked me why Mummy Pig has spiders on her eyes.

3 thoughts on “Lego know how children see the world

  1. Erin @mktgchildhood

    I’m thinking these ads were not used, because they would undermine Lego’s current marketing scheme, which seems to be to maximize the number of specialized pieces. You can’t sell special kits if kids can make anything out of a few simple blocks. These ads indicate why Legos USED TO BE such a great toy for encouraging children’s imagination.

  2. Jay Post author

    You could very well be right, Erin. They would certainly seem to go against all the licensed Lego at the moment. Still, Lego at its most basic is a great toy and I find it’s one that tends to bring out a few surprises from my girls.

    Even back when I was a child, there were space sets that were fairly specific that I loved. But it wasn’t long before their original form was forgotten and they were absorbed into a box from which anything and everything could be made.


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