Feb 14

New article posted: The Off Switch


Wouldn’t an off switch on children be fantastic? I know a huge amount of airplane passengers would be very grateful but, even in the home, I could see them taking off in a big way. I can only imagine what Sunday mornings would be like with an off switch…

Well, we have the next best thing: television (you saw that coming, didn’t you?). But… as much as I wish for an off switch, the idea of television as an off switch for children creeps me out a little. So what do I do? Have a read and find out:




If you’re wondering what all that has to do with the image above, well, the answer is nothing. Just thought you might like a pretty picture. I’m all about space these days. All being well, you’ll find out why soon (no, unfortunately I’m not going to space).

To those off to Kidscreen in New York today, hope you have a great time. I wish I going too actually, though I’m knee-deep in writing right now. If you spot Monster Animation’s Gerard O’Rourke, be sure to ask him what he has brewing.

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