Apr 23

Preventing change

Dublin has a huge amount of protected buildings, mostly old Georgian houses. If you want to rebuild or improve, well, you may not be able to or, if you can, only within strict guidelines. Even new buildings must adhere with the feel of Dublin and can be rejected planning permission for things like being too high, thus ruining the low-rise skyline.

It’s all an effort to preserve things as they are. To prevent change.

Here’s the reality: you CAN’T prevent change.

Dublin is full of windows like the one above, rotten and falling to bits. The cost of a new window in Georgian style is prohibitive. A modern window, prohibited. And so they rot. Not just the windows. That low-rise skyline is filled with old decaying buildings.

Even if you could renovate each and every building true to its original style and changed nothing, you would still have a city that no longer meets the needs of modern citizens where it once did all those years ago. While fine for Georgian times, during Ireland’s boom, the infrastructure was decades behind the needs of the people.

So even in the act of preventing change, the city has changed.

Change happens. You can’t prevent it no matter how hard you try. In buildings, cities, work, life, anything. The only outcome of trying to prevent change is that you lose control of that change. It’s far better to embrace the change. Create the change, move with change. Control the change.

Anything else is decay.

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