Oct 24




If you want it and don’t have it, take it.

If you have it and don’t want it, give it away.

If you have it and want it, but you are being let down by others who can’t do what you want, or you’ve done all you can and, really, you just don’t have any choices, or those below you are moaning because they’re moaners and they don’t understand the realities, or nobody gets you or knows what you have to deal with, then you haven’t really taken it and probably don’t really want it.

Give it away.

Responsibility: if you want it and don’t have ittake it.


2 thoughts on “Responsibility

  1. Jay Post author

    Yep! You know what it’s like, Andy – real problems in any creative industry (in this day and age, is there any other kind?) occur when there is a conflict between where responsibility is given and where it is taken. But the encouraging part of that is that, when you decide to take it, people tend to give it to you more freely. That’s an opportunity for anyone at any stage in their career.

    If they want it…


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