Mar 19

The Gallery

With COSMO up and running, my job shifts into managing a production. Sourcing people to fill those last few roles, hiring them, scheduling the production and setting up systems to work within that schedule, tying up those last few loose ends (I don’t like loose ends) and running the preproduction as the countdown begins to full-on production. Getting this show produced. During this time, the little indulgences become important. They keep the creative brain cells firing and help achieve a management/creative balance along with the writing and directing.

So today, after a fun Paddy’s Day weekend with the family, here is a little gallery of iPad doodles. Some of you may have seen a few of them on Twitter (find me on Twitter here). Imagine them presented with that Tony Hart music.

A huge amount of the concept work for COSMO was created on an iPod Touch and the iPad and this is one of the iPad pieces, so not really an indulgence here. Keeping the images small naturally tends to lead the design to a cute and chunky look so this method worked really well for the show. This is Cosmo and her Dad on Mars and it established the design for their buggy. I may have shown a bit of this one before but here is the whole thing.

Another COSMO image next. This time, on stormy Jupiter…

Next up is a tiger in the zoo. This particular tiger is a character who has been with me for quite some time. It’s like he keeps coming back to me, demanding his own story. I haven’t quite found it yet.

Space. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. This next image illustrates the potential dangers of the transporter. I love pixel art. Adore it. There is something beautifully pure about creating an image square by square. I’d really like to explore the form further and see where it takes me. This one is a rather simple one but, once the pixels were in place, I added some textures and amended the colours a little. This was all done on the iPad using about four apps from start to finish.

I do love my Star Trek!

My favourite movie monster now. Behold the terror…

Another pixelart image now and another Mars picture, albeit not COSMO related. Here are a couple of space explorers making the decision to do the only thing they can. The more I have been working on COSMO, the more I see just how much interest there is in space from little girls. In a world bombarded with princesses, little girl astronauts seem like a far better role model to me. So here they are…

And here they are again on Venus. Venus is a fascinating planet. It’s incredibly hostile and that actually made it quite difficult to write about when developing COSMO. Very few child-friendly stories involve acid rain. Nevertheless, I managed it and we now have two stories about the searing toxic yellow world. And yes, the acid rain is featured. I’m looking forward to seeing what we learn from the Venus Express.

Last up for my little gallery is a drawing of my family. Me, Daisy, Alice and my lovely wife Meabh.

So there it is. My little gallery. If anyone is curious, most of them were made in the Brushes app and the pixels were done in an app called Tiny Pixels. Hope everyone has a great and very productive week ahead. Go create something amazing!

3 thoughts on “The Gallery

  1. Andy Latham

    All lovely paintings Jay! Tons of joy and humour in them.

    What I’d love to know though, is how you remain so incessantly creative? It seems to me that you are one of these people who just can’t help but create. It’s just in your blood. I notice that when you get a new toy you instantly set about creating meaningful things with it. What’s your secret?!

    I feel the constant urge to create, but constantly find reasons not to.

  2. Jay Post author

    Thanks guys! Always great to have you stop by my little blog, Tomm.

    Andy, you’re right – I have a drive to create. I too, however, find many reasons not to. As for a secret? Best I can offer is this – make most projects doable and doable fast. The long haul project? Sure, we all have those (Tomm knows more about those than most!) and, right now, my long haul project is Cosmo. I haven’t got room for another one. But each one of these images exists independently and you can see they’re all very simple. I knew when I started that I could finish each one of these in little bits, like when waiting for programmes to open up and so on. No image on this page took much time. I’m sure it shows! But it’s a good thing – it allowed me to create and keep on creating.

    So my advice – aim high but aim quick!


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