Oct 25

The Silent Audience


One of the difficulties with children’s television is that the people who are most affected by it, both positively and negatively, are too young to know, too young to look beyond what they see on that box.

Too young to get involved.

If you suddenly got nothing but reruns of Manimal, Streethawk and Automan* instead of new shows, you’d notice. You’d talk about it. Write posts on message boards. Tweet about it. Not Like it on Facebook.

Would children talk about it if their blocks were similarly affected?

Our audience is largely silent.


*Okay, yes, that would actually be awesome. Still, we need good new content.

2 thoughts on “The Silent Audience

  1. Andy Latham

    That’s an interesting thought. Thing is….do children that young mind there being endless amounts of the same shows? I mean they like little games with parents to be repeated endlessly so could the same apply to TV shows.

    Of course whether or not they appreciate it themselves, variation has to be good for children.

  2. Jay Post author

    You’re right – children love repetition.

    Some modern shows go for well over a hundred episodes. The Flumps had just 13 episodes. Mr. Benn had about the same. Did we mind? Not at all. In fact, it probably made us love them all the more – children love to know what is coming next.

    But children still need new content. While I’m not sure young children themselves have really changed all that much, what we understand about those children has. What we want to give them has. More importantly, the world changes around them. What was relevant in the 1970s or ’80s may not suit children today. Just like Automan.


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