Jun 25

Tip: Show titles should be easy to say

Just a quick tip today for those of us creating shows for young children – show titles should be easy to say.

I know, it seems so obvious. But this is something I should have put a lot more thought into with Fluffy Gardens. Many parents don’t know what their children like to watch because their children simply can’t tell them. In the preschool age group, kids are just getting to grips with language and the extent to which they’ll try words they aren’t sure about will vary massively from child to child. And for those of us looking to create content that is really good for children, we really want parents to know as much as possible about the shows their children watch.

Peppa Pig is easy to say – young children will often just get ‘peeeeg’ first but the rest comes very quickly. Joko Toto Jakamoto, well, I’ve been aware of that show since it was shown at the Cartoon Forum way back when and I’m still not sure whether I have the name right or not.

Here are a few show titles I like –



Peppa Pig

Third & Bird

Yo Gabba Gabba (usually children drop the ‘yo’)

Making a great show for young children? Make the title easy to say. Even better, make it fun to say.

One thought on “Tip: Show titles should be easy to say

  1. Dale

    So ‘the fantasticly ridiculous adventure of encyclopedia centipeed and czechslovakian octopus in ostentatious aqueous ambidextrous land’ is a bad name for my new show?


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