Nov 3

Article on television at is Ireland’s parenting site for Dads.

There, you’ll find articles on fatherhood, impending fatherhood, health, finance and so on. Resources for fathers, from fathers. Oh, there are no end of sites for Mums. But not all that much out there specifically for Dads. So it’s great to see such a strong Irish site for Dads.

With television being at the forefront of my mind, both as a programme-creator and a father, what better place to get fathers thinking about the viewing habits of their children?

So, right now, over there at the Fatherhood section of, you’ll find my article on television, my daughter Daisy and the ash-cloud volcano. In it, you’ll find some questions I feel it’s important to ask if your children are watching television.

I hope you find it helpful.

While you’re there, why not have a browse through the archives? There are some excellent contributions by fathers, experts, doctors and more. A fantastic resource for parents and I look forward to seeing the site grow.

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