Dino Dog isn’t quite a show, although the story, characters and adventure contained within certainly offer the best in children’s entertainment. Dino Dog is a premium-quality children’s gaming app created, written and produced by Jason. A digging adventure with dinosaurs! Published by StoryToys, Dino Dog was released in 2014 to rave reviews and it has been enjoyed by children all over the world!

Join Dino Dog Doug and Bonnie the Bear as they travel the world in search of amazing dinosaurs. In this exciting digging game your children explore deep underground, finding fossils, cleaning bones and assembling whole dinosaurs they can collect and keep in their very own museum! Learn all about the mighty Stegosaurus, the huge Tyrannosaurus, the flying Pteranodon and more while playing through fun, colourful levels and engaging activities all wrapped around a hilarious cartoon story with Bonnie and Doug, the greatest adventurer that ever lived.


Created, written and directed by Jason Tammemägi, PLANET COSMO is an exciting new show from Geronimo Productions that introduces kids to the amazing planets of our Solar System. Through fun, high-energy adventures, plenty of songs and laughs, each episode of PLANET COSMO takes children on a journey to one of the planets where they discover something amazing to tell their friends!

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Join little Cosmo and her family –  scientist Mum, space pilot Dad, little brother Sol and their computer GIL 5000 – as they search for hot rocks on Mercury, have a holiday on Venus and even climb the tallest mountain on planet Mars. And what other adventures await among the stars? Watch Planet Cosmo to find out!


A charming, playful show for preschoolers from Geronimo Productions featuring a whole cast of eccentric animal characters – Paolo the Cat, Mavis the Pony, Lenny the Octopus, Lola the Mosquito, the Small Green Thing and many more. Fun stories about friendship and community, all set in the wonderful land of Fluffy Gardens.

MEET THE CAST (Hover over a character)

Created, written and directed by Jason Tammemägi and produced by Geronimo Productions (formerly Monster Animation), Fluffy Gardens has made children smile in over 100 countries worldwide with 80 episodes and the most Christmassy of Christmas Specials. Fluffy Gardens can be seen in the UK on CITV, in Ireland on RTÉ and across the world, it can be seen as Fabulópolis, Fofópolis, Le Jardin Enchanté, Bussiga Byn and more.


The follow-up series to the 1974 UK cult classic, the hilarious Roobarb & Custard Too follows the antics of Roobarb, the green dog inventor, and his best friend and nemesis, Custard. Created and written by Grange Calevely, narrated by the wonderful Richard Briers and directed by  Jason Tammemägi.


The unique Irish animated drama series Ballybraddan from Geronimo Productions follows the lives of a fifth class hurling team preparing for the championship. Directed by Jason, this continuing story is packed full of action, twists and turns.


Punky is a ground-breaking animated TV show produced by Geronimo Productions which tells stories from the everyday life of Punky, a little girl who has Down syndrome. As Creative Director, Jason oversaw the show’s development, production and creative aspects, including serving as script editor.