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Here’s why we could do with more relevant local content here in Ireland:

My daughter calls wool ‘yarn’.

She has used ‘you betcha’ instead of a simple yes.

She once called nappies ‘diapers’.

She frequently uses the phrase, ‘reds under the beds’.

Okay, so I made that last one up but, as good as some of the US television is, we may have just a touch too much of it here in Ireland. The balance is a little off. Worse still, the US shows we get are often the least educational because they travel easier when it comes to localisation. We’re likely missing some of the best the US has to offer.

Language is just an obvious symptom. An indicator that a child’s world view is being formed. It actually goes much deeper than language. And it’s important to realise that what seems culturally relevant on the outside might not be on the inside. For example, colouring Barney green and calling him Seamus wouldn’t really make the show any more Irish. It’s just window-dressing. And yet a show with a purple dinosaur in a fantasy world could be culturally relevant to Irish children if the core delivers something needed by those Irish children and presents it in a way that works with the culture and ideals. Culture does not equal window-dressing. We need to look deeper.

It’s not always easy.

But it’s important.

Not just Ireland of course. Every country could do with good relevant local content.