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It is the Space Year 2030AD. The world has entered a darker age. Once-specialist 3D riggers and effects artists now litter our cities in little more than derelict shanty towns, their place taken by automated software. Children’s media is produced by just two warring multi-national cybernetic toy conglomerates, having bought out or destroyed every independent creator of children’s media. The network once known as YouTube hosts nothing but children’s infomercials. The Great Adult Colouring Book Crash killed off publishing for good. The few remaining apps, now sentient, search through back alleys and dumpsters for coins, gems and smurfberries.

Bob the Builder is getting relaunched. Again.

Some say the world never truly recovered from the incident in 2019AD when over 7 million children disappeared into a Minecraft server and were never seen again. I think many of us thought it never would.

But there is hope. There is a new generation of children born amidst the chaos. And a secret underground swell, once little more than whispers and rumour, is taking hold. These are the new children’s media creators. Inspired by the renegade spirit of the early YouTubers and with legends of the rough and ready puppets and animation of the first days of children’s media, these new creators put everything on the line to bring fun to kids. They gather in secret locations, broadcasting shows made with little more than scraps and enthusiasm. Shows with energy and fun not seen in a decade. The conglomerates try their hardest but they can’t put them down – these kids have nothing to sell and nothing to lose.

And the closest thing they have to a skill is the drive to make kids and themselves laugh and smile. To brighten up a day with a story or a joke. In 2030AD, the dawn of a new age, this is the only skill that counts.