Dec 24

The Christmas gang!

Just a heads-up for those of you in Ireland – the Fluffy Gardens Christmas Special will be airing tomorrow (Christmas Day) at 9.25am on RTE2. Those who happen to catch the Fluffy Gardens Christmas Special will spot a whole bunch of characters never seen before. Just who these characters are has never been revealed.

Until now.

So here, for the very first time, are the names of some of the characters glimpsed in the Fluffy Gardens Christmas Special. From left to right in the image above: Belinda the Narwhal, Mr.Simmons the Orca, Gil the Polar Bear, Neddy the Albatross, Lucinda the Reindeer and Horatio the Arctic Hare. And some penguins, of course. Those paying attention will spot some other new characters in the show too, like Kaska the Wolf, Olly the Walrus, Snoozy the Snowy Owl and perhaps one or two more.

You never know, depending on how things go in the future, you may see these characters get their own stories some day.

So, for the Irish among you, it’s on at 9.25am on RTE2. Hope you like it!

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