May 29

The New Phase

This is my last week at Geronimo Productions. A chapter ends and a new adventure begins. I can’t help but think back to what we have achieved over the years, how much has changed and of all the little moments that defined not just the studio but who we have become.

For one particular moment, I go right back to the beginning, so many years ago…

It was the end of my second year in animation college. Sullivan Bluth had just closed down. But there were new studios popping up. I gathered my portfolio and turned up to one of these – Monster Productions. I met a young, pleasant yet intimidating producer (I was young – everyone was intimidating to me), Gerard O’Rourke. He was running the show and one would expect him to know what he was doing except he had this crazy idea about starting me off as an animator. Did he not realise I was still in college? How new I was?

Well it was a struggle, I’ll admit. But I got better. I had to. Cut to many years later and I am working side by side with Gerard as a children’s content specialist, forming and moulding shows with an impressive catalogue behind us.

Maybe he knew. Perhaps that is why he gave this nervous young student a chance? Was he thinking, I’m going to give this kid a shot because one day we’ll build a studio and we’re going to make great things together? Could he possibly have known how long we would be linked and what we would achieve?

No. He couldn’t have known. He didn’t have to know. What Gerard did on that day was create the potential for all that to happen. He took a chance on a person and suddenly that path came into being. It led to great things. Over the years, I have seen Gerard give so many people their start and, each time, he creates a potential future. It doesn’t always lead to anything. That potential is not always realised but the opportunity is there and, so often, interesting and unexpected things are the result of those chances taken.

When we take a chance on a person or even take a chance on an idea, we create a new potential future. It is like planting seeds that, one day, could grow to be something wonderful. We can’t know the results and it would be wrong to constantly look for them, but we can create the potential. And so we should.

This is just one of the many things I have picked up from Gerard as we built what would become Geronimo Productions and I will always be grateful for the opportunities. I have a long list of personal achievements filed under the heading “if it wasn’t for Gerard…” and, at this stage, I am hoping he has a similar file with my name on it. Gerard and I will, no doubt, work together on many projects in the future and will always be linked by our strong catalogue of shows.

At the end of this week, one phase ends and a new phase begins. What am I doing? I am taking a chance on an idea. New aims, new missions. Interesting things are coming. And in the meantime, I am always here to talk projects, content, scripting, preschool and more so do feel free to get in touch.

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