Jul 2

Tip: Tell kids what your show is called

Yes, show titles should be simple. Complicated titles aren’t ideal.

But it’s even worse if you don’t actually tell children what the name of the show is.

Can you imagine making that fatal mistake? Introducing a show and not even letting children know what it’s called?! Insanity.

Yes, well that’s the reason my eldest first called Fluffy Gardens ‘Da da da daaah’ (the theme tune). At least my youngest managed to call it ‘Gandans’ when she was the same age, mainly because I tried to teach her what the show is called. But nowhere in the opening sequence did I tell children that the show they’re watching is called Fluffy Gardens. Oh it’s there in the text but it’s not like most of my target audience can read, is it?

A rookie mistake and one that won’t be repeated.

Thankfully many parents did know what it was called and liked the show so it did pretty well in spite of that. But if I was allowed to remaster/remix the show, I’d fix that. And add in some CG characters. And have Greedo shoot first… oh, no that’s Star Wars… sorry, lost my train of thought there.

So learn from my mistake – if you’re making a show, please tell children what it’s called.

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