Nov 15

Why preschool television is so important

We’re all teaching children how to live.

We’re doing this as parents, as teachers, as neighbours, as citizens, as whatever we happen to be. If there’s a child close to you as you read this, you’re teaching them right now (if you’re picking your nose, please stop it – it sets a bad example).

The youngest years, what we call preschool, are so important developmentally. From motor skills, language development all the way to nose-picking (though I think that may be instinct), the amount of learning that happens during those years is staggering.

It’s in those years we can do the most good.


Or the most damage.


And, accepting that young children watch television (they do) and learn from it (they do), what children watch and how much of it is something that should always be seriously considered. Good preschool output, created for the right reasons, should be in the forefront of any broadcaster’s mind. We have an opportunity, and responsibility, to do so much good.

Forget your 24s and your Losts, the most important television on any channel is its preschool output.

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