Nov 8

You can’t please everyone

You make Mars bars for people who like sugar-filled chocolate. You make MP3 players for people who like music. You make Mercs for people who like fancy cars in a weird wine/brown or gold colour.

Who do you make children’s shows for?


Obvious answer: children.


Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Children don’t buy preschool shows. Broadcasters do. Distributors do. And they’re selling to licensees. Toy manufacturers. Even in the home, children usually don’t make the choice to turn on preschool shows. Parents do.

So who do you make children’s shows for? Broadcasters, distributors, parents, children. Often in that order. If a broadcaster doesn’t buy your show, it’s a dead show and the rest doesn’t matter.

And I can tell you that they don’t always want the same things. You can’t please everyone. Not all of the time, at least.

So, who should we make children’s shows for?


On a totally unrelated subject, Chromeo totally brought the funk to Dublin last Thursday. Absolutely fantastic gig. Here they are getting the Yo Gabba Gabba seal of approval.

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